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Training to compete against the company’s two-Step to buy in Rostov-on-don

We will prepare your children to participate in the competitions in ballroom dancing.

Ballroom dance look very. Read more

We will prepare your children to participate in the competitions in ballroom dancing.

Ballroom dance look very nice. You need to accurately determine whether you are ready for the fact that your child will be doing. So, what should beconsidered?

Ballroom dances are an art, but at the same time, it is also a sport. Yes, ballroom dancing is officially recognized as one of sports .

Dancers are considered not only artists, but also athletes. Here and in children who are engaged in ballroom dancing, develop artistic and creative abilities, and in addition, endurance and agility.

It is estimated that 1.5 minute waltz equates to 300 meters running at the stadium.

It is worth noting that as in any other sport, ballroom dancing there is a great spirit of rivalry. Therefore, he actively participates in the formation of children’s character, trains them to be hardworking and motivated, achieve goals, in a word contributes to the development of the child motivated and strong personality.

Due to the fact that ballroom dance are a real sport, like all other species, it requires a serious and responsible approach. If you prefer for child vocational clases in ballroom dancing, as in other sports, be prepared for the fact that succes is posible only due to frequent and prolonged training and a very serious attitude and approach to busines not only by children but also by parents.

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