Physical activity is necesary for men to maintain the level of testosterone
Physical activity is necesary for men to maintain the level of testosterone Age-related hypogonadism is common among men over the age of 55-65 years. The symptom that causes the greatest…

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Warm-up for working sitting
"Sedentary" lifestyle currently leads probably half the population. Many work in the modern world are sitting — and so full-day working week, a lifetime. When sedentary and sedentary lifestyle, as…

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Edition fitnes and a healthy lifestyle

8×8 – Vince Gironde system

May I rode muscle mas while fat is removed?

Want to RUB your nose krosfitarite who claim that all bildarska training in their workouts? 8×8 it this way: the most famous system Vince Gironde. Many of them just run it, but only few of them managed to finish it.

Types of powder for improved grip

White powder in a sports centre

The bucket on the bench (polukofichki)

Dips Tricep bench

The bucket on the bench the piston mnogostavno exercise that is widely used in basic educational programs for beginners. When you receive a learning experience with the use of traffic vtorostepnna role in the preparation of schemes for intermediate and advanced fitnes, bodybuilding, power conditioning and power training.


The nectar, which can replace honey

There are different currents – vegetarianism, veganism, raw materials, depriving not only the consumption of certain foods, but also, indirectly connected with the activity of animals. Fortunately, nature has generously enough and create products that meet the requirements of all. One such product is the agave plant, a cactus that grows in Mexico and this makes not only good tequila, but the nectar is 1.5 times sweeter than sugar, with a relatively low glycemic index and mild, natural taste of pelvic ultrasound.

Boswell (Bosu) – entertainment simulator

Useful tool or just another fitnes gimmick?

The new sport is gradually replacing the step aerobics. He plays on half of the ball – soft hemisphere. This is Boswell. On Boswell can be made and yoga exercises, push-UPS, you can walk, bounce, sitting, bending, drawing, dancing – in fact almost anything. And the more common platform, the harder it is to do exercises and to maintain balance women’s varicose veins. Find out on fitnes Ivanovo pictures right now. bosch rexroth.

Double bitsepsovo folding portal pulley

Double bicep cable Curl