Physical activity control body weight by influencing the secretion of intestinal hormones before and
The researchers, who report at the July conference of the Society for the study of…

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Training to compete for overcoming obstacles
To start naprawiania horses don't know when it has already pased the first stage of…

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A fitnes site about healthy lifestyle
How to get fitter, burn fat and simultaneously build muscle, not knowing the basic theory…


Elliptical trainer for home to buy inexpensive – 275 offers, low prices, ellipsoidal

Elliptical trainers for home in Moscow

How to choose the ellipsoid

To choose an elliptical trainer that best suits you, consider the following factors:

– the location of the flywheel (front, rear, center);

– load type (magnetic, electromagnetic);


– the size of the flywheel;

– mas flywheel;

– maximum weight involved;

– step length.

Selection criteria

The location of the actuator affects both dimensions and properties of the ellipsoid. Clasic rear-wheel drive ensures maximum length and the amplitude of the step. Front wheel drive models of elliptical exercise machines are much more reliable, also, when you exercise them, the body is in the position close to natural. Ellipsoids with a Central flywheel are compact in size, but at their choice it is necesary to pay special attention to the distance between the pedals. It should not be too large, otherwise it will be uncomfortable to do./p>

Buy elliptical trainer with magnetic system forming load can be cheaper than with a solenoid, but you need to consider that its functionality will be more modest. This is due to the fact that adjustment of the resistance is done manually, by turning the handles. The elliptical trainer with electromagnetic loading system with a servo. This allows you to create individual training program that helps to achieve maximum results in minimum time.

The greater the mas and size of the flywheel, the more smoothly and without “jamming” move the pedals to avoid exces strain on the joints.

Step length is chosen with regard to human growth. The principle is simple – the higher the athlete, the more steps should be taken.


The training gear sanlam
In the area of group programs, runs a wide range of clases, more than 30…

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