Nordic walking

Nordic walking In today’s world more and more people are beginning to pay attention to your health. In this regard, many reasonable question, ” what sport and provide a slim figure, and would not require spending too much time and money? The answer to all these questions can serve as Nordic walking .

A useful walk, Nordic walking — doubly useful. Should get into the hands of the stick, and you’re forced to work not only the muscles of the

legs, shoulders, arms, abs. Of course, if you know the technique.

Why is it so popular Nordic walking with sticks?

In Scandinavia and in Europe for many years popular “Nordic” or Nordic walking. The phenomenon such distance appeared 70 years ago, due to wishing to maintain its shape and off season winter ski profesional athletes-skiers in Finland  In the 20th century, since the 80-ies is constantly conducting research in the field of medicine, which confirms the benefits and necesity of walking with sticks from the ski. According to studies, Scandinavian Nordic walking has a positive effect on physical health. This gave impetus to the development of Amateur sport and profesional, and got the title Nordic Walking. Now this sport is engaged so many people around the world. In Hungary and the Czech Republic compete in the international clas for Nordic walking. In these countries, Nordic walking involved young and old alike. The winner in such competitions traditionally becomes the first person who reached the finishing tape.