Sports nutrition is something to chew on before the run - Mens MPort portal
Sports nutrition: what to chew on before the race For runners important is carbohydrates. And they come from glycogen. Glycogen is the storage form of energy in the human body,…

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The TV channel "Saint-Petersburg" - news - the loft projects begin to practice yoga
The loft project will begin to practice yoga In St. Petersburg opened a Finnish plant for insulating glas production Nikolay Rastvortsev, reporter . "Building Smolninsky bakery could be completely demolished.…

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Swimming for adults

Swimming is a way to be active, cheerful, vigorous, slender, beautiful and, most importantly, healthy!

It is known that any sport is good for health of the person. The benefit is available and running, and from ches. About the benefits of swimming can be judged on the basis of the fact that swimming is often recommended for those people who bad or simply not allowed to exercise in the form in which it usually seems to us, that is in the ground version.

Swimming – a special sport because it strengthens almost all the

systems of man, develops muscles, burns calories, helps to relax and get in great shape. Swimming will improve Your mood, help You sleep better and even reduce the risk of developing diabetes, coronary heart disease. Swimming is two in one: and pleasure, and use.

7 reasons to choose swimming:

1. Swimming burns fat and calories. If a day to spend at least 30-40 minutes in the pool, you can achieve weight-los in a very short time. Swimming can burn the same amount of calories as climbing or aerobics.

2. Using navigation you can easily find athletic, muscular figure. Swimming is useful not only because it positively affects some muscle groups, but in General develops muscles.

4. Swimming reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. With regular use of the pool can increase endurance.

5. After swimming no pain, as after running or jumping.

6. During the voyage develop lungs and improves the function of the respiratory system.

7. Many perceive swimming as fun. Sometimes it is much easier to force myself to go to the pool than for a jog or to the gym, especially hot summer day.