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The energy cost of movement as an indicator organism adaptation to physical loads

The energy cost of movement as an indicator organism adaptation to physical loads

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Dudorova E. V.

It is known that in the training sesions is the physiological adaptation of the body systems to physical activity and this adaptation is expresed. first of all. in optimizing the energy cost of movement.

To characterize the energy cost movements we propose to use the utilization rate of energy ( CIE ) muscle contractions.

The value of EP is a theoretical value of the energy cost of muscle contraction. On the basis of bioenergetic calculations performed in collaboration with Y. A. Gagini, it was found that the narrowing of a major muscle in 1 minute to 1 kg of body weight expended 0.0026 kcal. Knowing the number of muscles involved in the movements that are performed primarily by the muscles of a certain area and the amount of energy that is spent on the reduction of muscle in 1 min. per kilogram of weight, it is posible to calculate the energy cost of these movements

These data will represent the magnitude of the potential energy of muscle contractions ( VC ).

obviously, the more efficient is the adaptation to physical loads, the more the value of EI will be closer to EP. and the value KIA to one.

The biomechanical principle of calculating the energy cost of movement allows you to compile structural-energy plan training sesions, and its implementation carried out by means of medical-pedagogical supervision.

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