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Article about weight los
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Apples a Lot of Useful Properties for the Rusians!

Apples: nutritional value and caloric content

Well, here we got to the article about the beneficial properties of Apple. Now’s the time!

If people on Earth happened no not monkeys, and from space aliens, believes now almost the majority of the educated of mankind, and the Apple eve brought from a far distant star. Not otherwise. Because of the more perfect fruit on the planet could not be found.

First, Apple trees grow everywhere – in both the North and the South. Second, the fruit absorb and generate exactly those substances, microelements and vitamins, which are required for the life of the inhabitants of the region of growth of these Apple trees. Don’t plant with the desired properties?

How useful are the apples?

Surprisingly, if you eat only apples, it is posible to survive and keep the good spirit and the body. Known one fact of our time. British ballerina Jan Louis, who now lives in India and has been practicing yoga, eating a quarter of a century only “Paradise fruits”, is sometimes added to the diet of other fruits and nuts. Looks almost twice younger than his forty long tail years, is teaching Indian children to the ballet. (7)

Calories in apples small – only an average of slightly more than 50 kcal per 100 grams of weight. But they have everything a person needs for life: a bit of vegetable protein and fat, lots of carbs and sugars, as well as the necesary supply of fiber. At 85,5% fruit Apple consists of water. The amount of vitamins and minerals varies depending on the variety, time of maturity and ripenes, but the average Apple in composition looks like.

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