Effective diet is the right foods and exercise

Effective diet is the right foods and exercise

In various specialized magazines, Internet portals, and on television today you can find hundreds of diets. However, only a small percentage of them are able to lead to the desired result.

Often, the thinner the dry diet of the patient, after a certain time the weight not only comes back, but it increases even more. Innovative techniques for weight los became diet Sergey Agapkin. In the opinion of a physician reabilitologa each person needs individually to choose the power mode.

The selection of food

Sergey Agapkin believes that it is necesary at least twice to reduce your diet. Of course, there to do not necesary, otherwise it may affect the body – reduction should occur smoothly. Confectionery products with high sugar content entirely excluded from the daily meal. Much attention the doctor was paid to the consumption of wheat bran, not only rich in fiber but also and esential vitamins. They might just be the main means of combating obesity. However, in the daily ration must not exceed the number of 20 grams, because large amounts can disrupt the intestinal flora. In addition it may affect the motility, and this, in turn, will lead to the fact that from the body will quickly begin to receive nutrients. Also Sergey Agapkin was given a list of foods to include in your daily diet is whey, fermented baked milk, kefir and other dairy products. Moreover, you can eat them the doctor advises in small quantities. Should balance your diet, identifying for themselves the amount of nutrients, which is necesary for the existence of your body.

The benefits of physical activity

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