Nordic walking with sticks in the Carpathians. Nordic walking is appeared in
Nordic walking with sticks in the Carpathians Nordic walking – - English Nordic Walking – appeared in Finland in the 1940's, but became popular in the late 90-ies of XX…

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The fitnes watch will give you the perfect physical form A watch that can do everything Why you need to buy the fitnes watch Garmin?: Fitnes bracelets are actually created…

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The TV channel “Saint-Petersburg” – news – the loft projects begin to practice yoga

The loft project will begin to practice yoga

In St. Petersburg opened a Finnish plant for insulating glas production

Nikolay Rastvortsev, reporter . “Building Smolninsky bakery could be completely demolished. But the administration of the plant went on the experiment and gave the five-storey complex in the hands of creative tenants”.

Just a couple of years clasic industrial building turned into a new loft

project. It all started from the fifth floor. There was opened a modern art gallery. Former workshops ideally suited for exhibitions.

New tenants tried to keep the spirit of the bakery. Everywhere you can see the pipes, machine tools, mixers and ovens. In this example, there is a Museum of one book.

The only thing that had to be removed – the iron mines. From the fifth to the third floor poured flour. Now here is the hotel. But even those guests who are not familiar with the history of the building, still recognize the industrial past of the hostel.

Nadezhda Makarova, who manages the hostel . “When children run around on the floor above, staff and guests something spilling. To our guests we explain is flour”.

On the third floor was once a pastry shop. It produces the “bird’s milk”. This is evidenced by this here industrial mixer is huge, by the standards of Housewives with a whisk. It is no coincidence that after the restoration it was here opened a small cafe.

The creators of the first loft project keep expanding the creative space. This year they went to the roof. Now you can just sit and enjoy the views of St. Petersburg. But next year at this venue will host exhibitions and yoga clases.