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The TV channel "Saint-Petersburg" - news - the loft projects begin to practice yoga
The loft project will begin to practice yoga In St. Petersburg opened a Finnish plant for insulating glas production Nikolay Rastvortsev, reporter . "Building Smolninsky bakery could be completely demolished.…

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Skater Menchov said that trying new technologies to increase endurance

MOSCOW, 16 Mar – R-Sport, Maria Vorobyeva. Bronze medalist at the 2014 European figure skating Konstantin Menshov said the Agency “R-Sport” that continues to train, despite the fact that the current season is completed, and uses in the preparation of new technologies for increasing stamina and power skating.

Menchov this season, became the fourth and fifth stages of the Grand Prix. At the December championship of Rusia figure skater left the fourth. then in the national team, the third number of which are determined by the

decision of the Federation was incorporated on 16-year-old Adian Pytkeev, who won the tournament bronze.

“When I realized that on the European championship is definitely not food, still maintained shape, working out. Set the task to work on the slide and a more powerful skating, for which we used a variety of tools, you can even say, new technology. This should help in terms of endurance and power” .

“We spend a lot of effort, for example, when the repulsion during the execution of the elements, as this will compensate the power consumption. Also Valentin Molotov (one of working with Menshov coaches) a lot of new exercises were given on the steps, worked with weights and a lot more than,” – said the skater.

Menchov also emphasized that this method should be effective for six months. “We gave the load, then let go to see what the effect would be. According to the estimates of the effect of such work should be enough for six months, ” explained the skater. – It is clear that now we even worked in a more relaxed mode. In April and may will give the same load, and then again in the beginning of the season.”